Investment Objective

The investment objective of the fund is to seek capital appreciation of the investor in medium term, with a focus on capital preservation. The fund aims to achieve this objective by seeking investment strategies of the best managers with the principle of risk diversification, directly or indirectly, through worldwide investments, mainly in global equities, investment grade and high yield bonds and money market instruments.

The fund is managed by following a geographical and sectoral diversification, based on a dynamic investment methodology. Their flexible allocation permits mitigating capital fluctuations, whilst the best source of profit is searched for.

The fund is ideal for investors who seek to maximize their returns with a conservative approach and a very low volatility.

Historical development

Annual Performance* (%)

1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr10 Yr15 Yr

Cumulative Performance* (%)

1 Yr3 Yr5 Yr10 Yr15 Yr

Performance* (%)

Global Balanced USD10.785.292.42-12.5121.269.211.729.457.167.842.783.695.60-7.4015.71-1.145.05
Global Balanced EUR10.715.302.42-12.5121.269.211.729.457.157.842.783.694.13-9.7412.00-2.944.26
Moderate Allocation - Global13.306.240.84-20.6214.375.81-6.008.596.526.792.513.034.45-6.8812.532.374.46

* The figures shown are based on backtesting the fund over 20 years until the 15th March 2017. These performance figures reflect what a client would have received net of fees.